Our Story

"Dreams don't work unless YOU do." 

We are a Registered Angus and Simmental operation located in Boone County. We are approximately 125 miles west of Omaha, Nebraska or about 60 miles north of Grand Island, Nebraska.

Our passion for raising quality cattle started at a young age while growing up in the heart of California, the central valley. Through the years we found ourselves working at various operations as day laborers. During these years we gained valuable experience and skills that helped shape our path and our desired goals in life. As time moves forward we continue to help develop good herds of quality stock at various operations, some through internships and others through paid positions.

While taking a more active role as herd managers we continued to further our education and received a Bachelors of Science from California State University, Fresno.

While looking to transition into the industry we considered various job offerings both domestic and abroad. Each offer had its opportunities and limitations but they all displayed a challenge which was something we always sought out.

During a trip to Nebraska we approached our long time friend and mentor Ralph Pilkington for insights and guidance. While listening to us express our concerns and knowing our history he suggested we begin our own operation either in California or Nebraska.

After considering our options and challenges we took a leap of faith and MidWest Cattle Company was established in June of 2016.

Although we are a young company in an industry of seasoned veterans, we are not strangers to hard work and have never been more determined. We are humbled and honored to be backed and endorsed with decades of industry knowledge by industry leaders, mentors and friends. We invite you to come along with us and be part of the journey we proudly call MidWest Cattle Company.